Saturday, December 13, 2014

Last Sequential Date of the Century

Yes, today is 12/13/14, at least for those of us writing our dates in the preferred American format. And it will be the last sequential date of the 21st century, with the next one not arriving until 01/02/2103, 89 years from now.  Most law students will not be around to see that one, so enjoy a break from exam outlines exploring our popular fascination with calendar dates and other number sequences.

A good place to start is an article by Jessica Contrera in the Washington Post, covering the sequential date as a recent social phenomenon--the sequential date as "cool." Other types of special calendar dates are featured on  And for those interested in number sequences as intriguing mathematical tools, Victoria Jaggard's recent article at the Smithsonian Magazine site covers some of the basics. It even includes a quick and easy way to convert kilometer road signs into miles using the "Fibonacci sequence."  But, of course, I really liked the cats holding the 1897 calendar best. 

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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