Sunday, February 22, 2015

Lexis Advance Tips: How to search Dockets on Lexis

This is another question that we often get at the Reference desk since dockets are popular sources for faculty, students and attorneys.  If you are trying to locate dockets in Lexis Advance, try the following tip:
Search for docket information by a specific judge using the Litigation Profile Suite.  Here, you can select either Expert Witness, Judge or Attorney.  For example, select Judge from the left drag down, type in Posner and select Richard Posner, Search and then select Dockets from the left navigation panel.  You’ll then see his docket information, including graphs and charts.  You can also use this with an Attorney search.The other way to search for docket information is through Lexis Advance Directly.  You can select Dockets as its own filter by Category.  In Research, choose Filters, then Category, then Docket.  You can also search all content, then narrow by Category after you do a search.  Further refine your search with post filters on the left, by Jurisdiction, Cause, Case Status, etc.

(Hat tip: Antoinette Stafilas, Esq., Lexis Law school Executive)
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