Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics

Are you interested in federal criminal prosecution or defense?  Do you need reliable, current crime and sentencing statistics for a research paper or assignment?  The United States Sentencing Commission has just released its free, online 2014 Sourcebook of Federal Sentencing Statistics (scroll down for links to the content).  The Sourcebook contains statistics on federal crimes and offenders and the application of the federal sentencing guidelines in selected districts, circuits, and nationally. It includes numerical and demographic data on offenders by crime category, statistics on guilty pleas and trials, comparisons of sentences to the guideline range, data from drug and immigration cases, and sentencing appeals information.

Best of all, there is an Interactive Sourcebook where you can create customized statistical tables and filter data by circuit, district, and date. For historical or comparative statistics, consult the Annual Reports & Sourcebooks Archives, containing all Sourcebooks back to the 1996 first edition.      

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