Friday, April 24, 2015

Summer and 3L graduate access for Bloomberg/Lexis/Westlaw

Summer access policies for Bloomberg Law, Lexis and Westalaw are as follows.  Graduating 3Ls, see below, for post graduating access.

Summer access:
Bloomberg - summer access automatic, no action on your part required
Lexis - summer access automatic, no action on your part required
Westlaw Students may extend their passwords for Summer access only for the reasons listed below.    See Summer Password Extension page.
  • Summer law school classes and study abroad programs
  • Law Review and Journal, including write-on competitions
  • Research assistant
  • Moot Court
  • Unpaid internship/externship

3L Graduate Access:
Bloomberg - you will have access for 6 months after graduation with no restrictions
Lexis - your ID will remain active until 8/1. For access after 8/1, you need to register for a special ID here .  It is important to register for your Grad ID before 8/1 since you will need a current Lexis Advance ID to register.

Westlaw - you will need to complete an online password extension request on the Westlaw homepage.  Choose the "Need Westlaw this Summer" option.  You will have access until 11/30.

As always, if you have any questions ask your favorite Reference Librarian.

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