Sunday, June 07, 2015

Lexis Advance Tips: Accessing and Signing up for Daily Newsletters

Law360 provides coverage of industry news and trends in forty different practice areas, state sections with litigation, legislation and regulation, corporate deals, and more.  Faculty and students can access Law360 website and the newsletter service through the law school’s LexisNexis subscription. Follow the instructions below to access as well as daily newsletters on topics of your choice.

Access the Law360 website
• Log into your school’s network
• Go to
• Read the latest legal developments or view recent articles by
practice area
Note: articles are also available as part of the
Legal News content on Lexis Advance.

Sign up for daily newsletters:
• Log into your school’s network and go to
• Select your school’s name on the top right
• In the drop down menu, select Newsletter Sign-up 1
• Enter your email 2 and select Practice Areas, Industries,
and Regions of interest.
Your email newsletter will arrive hours before the start of
business each day providing you with updates on the latest
legal developments in your areas of interest.

(Hat tip: Antoinette Stafilas, Esq., Lexis Law school Executive)

To access Lexis Advance, click here
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