Tuesday, August 25, 2015

CALI.org -- Interactive Tutorials for Law Students

Now that classes are underway, and you've been introduced to new subjects and concepts, it's a good time to think about study aids. The interactive tutorials known as CALI Lessons are some of the best.  Over 950 of these tutorials, written by law professors for law students, are free to all Hofstra Law students who register at the CALI.org site. CALI Lessons cover both 1L and more advanced courses.  They focus on specific concepts and topics within legal subject areas, and some are written to correspond to particular casebooks.

And there's more. The CALI.org site offers free legal e-books on many subjects.  Among these is "Law School Materials for Success," a brief guide to the transition process we know as the law school experience, written by law school dean Barbara Glesner Fines with accompanying podcasts on key skills for studying and taking exams.

Registering on the CALI site is easy, but a special code is required. Just stop by the Law Library reference desk and ask for the Hofstra school code.    

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