Saturday, November 12, 2005

Military Tribunals--Online Resources

Walking softly on cat feet around the Library computers, I’ve noticed that the use of military tribunals is a hot topic these days, even at the Supreme Court. Would you like some reliable background information on this confusing subject at the intersection of military and constitutional law? Try the “Military Tribunals” page at JURIST, which offers news highlights, links to government and other web sites, and recent primary documents in a user-friendly format. The Council of Foreign Relations answers most frequently asked questions about military tribunals. The Pentagon Library offers a resource guide to the relevant law. For introductory background information and research guidance, a good place to start is "United States Military Commissions: A Quick Guide to Available Resources,"by law librarian Stephen Young. "Terrorism and the Law of War: Trying Terrorists as War Criminals Before Military Commissions," a Congressional Research Service (CRS) report for Congress, provides an objective and authoritative overview of the subject.

Ernster, the Virtual Library Cat

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