Friday, November 11, 2005

New Study Room Policy

After assessing trends in the use of the library study rooms, the library has modified the existing policy to better match use. Effective Monday, November 14, 2005, the policies regarding use of the library's study rooms will be as follows.


Study rooms are only available for use by currently enrolled Hofstra Law School students. Reservations for study rooms may be made in person at the Circulation Desk, where a sign-up book is available, or by phone at x3-5898.

Rooms may be reserved in advance for one three-hour time period per day, with no renewals.

Only one room reservation (per group or individual) is permitted each day. Each reservation will be for a maximum of three hours, with no renewals permitted.

In a group reservation, all members of the group must be currently enrolled Hofstra Law School students, and the names of group members should be listed when the reservation is made. At the reserved time, groups are to pick up the key to the group study room at the Circulation Desk. The study room key will be charged to one of the members of the group.

The key must be returned at the end of the loan period to the Circulation Desk.

If a study room key is not picked up within 15 minutes from the start of the reserved time, the room may be given to another group or student upon request.

Anyone leaving any items in a study room beyond the reserved time will have these items put aside in the room, and the group or student having reserved the room will be let into the room.

The Library takes no responsibility for any items left in a study room.

The following additional rules apply to the use of all study rooms:
1. Food is not permitted anywhere in the Law Library, including the study rooms.
2. Please cancel your reservation if you find you no longer need it.
3. When leaving the room, please turn off the light and close the door.
4. Study rooms are to be left neat and clean when the group is finished. Any library materials used in the study rooms must be reshelved.
5. Abuse of study room privileges may result in the loss of the use of the study rooms.
6. Reservations may be canceled if the needs of the law school require use of the room. (As an example, for exam takers.)

If you have any questions about this policy, please contact Dominick Grillo, Assistant Director for Technology and Collection Services (

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