Tuesday, January 24, 2006

21st Century Library - A New Semester!

Once again the 21st Century Library will be holding workshops through out the semester on specific topics and different research tools and tricks. The intent is to provide guidance on available resources and suggestions on how these resources may be used in the research process. And, how and where to get started in a complex subject and evaluate what is found.

The first of the workshops will be held next week during the Common Hours. The schedule is:

Monday, January 30th, 12:10-1:00: International Human Rights research online
Monday, January 30th, 5:10-6:00: Secondary Sources on Lexis and Westlaw
Wednesday, February 1st, 1:10-2:00: European Union research online

Some workshops will focus on subjects (Int'l Human Rights/European Union) and others will focus on demonstrating less familiar aspects of a resource (Lexis/Westlaw). If there is a topic or resource you would like featured in a workshop, please tell us. We always welcome suggestions.

All workshops are held in the lower level computer lab and all law students are welcome.

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