Saturday, March 20, 2010

Yale Exhibits Supreme Court Bobbleheads

Yes, there is a collection of Supreme Court justice bobbleheads, and they were recently given to the Yale Law Library for permanent safekeeping. They will be archived in the Library's Rare Book Collection, where an exhibit featuring some of them recently went on public display.

The bobbleheads are a project of The Green Bag, "An Entertaining Journal of Law," which has been making the dolls since 2003. The journal has created about one bobblehead per year, beginning with Chief Justice Rhenquist, mostly in order of seniority. Not simply dolls, the bobbleheads portray the work and character of each justice through clothing and accessories representing their most famous and representative cases.

For an entertaining read, check out the article on Yale's new acquisitions by New York Times reporter Adam Liptak. The Yale Law Library Rare Books Blog provides a wonderful sample of an "annotated bobblehead" here.

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