Thursday, October 23, 2014

Applying Native American Traditions to New York Disputes

The Peacemaking Program of the Court Innovation Project now has a branch in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn. According to a recent article,

“Peacemaking is used today in the [Native American] tribal court system as a restorative practice that focuses on mending relationships and healing the community after an offense has been committed. When a case is referred to peacemakers, a circle is formed that includes the victim and the offender, any family or community members who have been affected by the crime or dispute and some tribal elders. Bread is broken, prayers are said, and then the issue is talked out until a resolution is reached.

Despite concerns that such a culturally specific and spiritual practice would not work in a multicultural urban environment with no particular spiritual tradition, peacemaking is flourishing at the Red Hood Community Court, and plans for expansion are already underway. Since the program was launched, the peacemakers have handled over 50 court cases and a number of conflicts referred directly from the community.”

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