Monday, October 20, 2014

Study Guides

Sometimes you just need a little help preparing for a law school exam.  The Study Guides LibGuide is a list of resources that you can find in the law library by subject and series.

Only the most recent edition of each study guide is listed.  Earlier editions may also be available.  Academic Support (Law School, rooms 219 & 220) also lends from its library of study guides, which includes series not held in the Law Library.  Flashcards and audio CD’s are  listed by series and subject.  Unless  you see “Reserve,” the location will be in the Classified Collection, i.e. the main stacks.

In each list by subject, BL = Black Letter; CI = Concepts & Insights; EE=Examples and Explanations.

Check out the different kinds of study guides now so you can discover which type is best for you.  

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